July 11 -13, 2019, Riley’s Farm – Oak Glen, California

T T T = Time To Trek








The Trek

Find out what it was like!

Experience what our ancestors endured crossing the plains. We will walk the trails at Riley’s Farm with handcarts and sleep under the stars.  We will develop a greater appreciation for the pioneers by living the Trek experience for 3 days and two nights.


“Find an Ancestor” Challenge

We would like each person on the trek to bring with them the memory of an ancestor. In addition, we would like all the YM/YW to find an ancestor for the Stake Baptism on May 11th.

There’s a CONTEST. See what it’s about!

3 John 1:4

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

Yep, we even have a Trek theme song!

Trek: What was it like?

Why were early Latter-day Saints willing to walk more than a thousand miles, with either handcarts or oxcarts? When they faced trials, why did they keep going? Why did they help each other along the way? When the Willie and Martin handcart companies were stranded in severe snowstorms, why did strangers in the Salt Lake Valley leap to action to save them?


Get Ready for TREK

RFT = Registration For Trek

Yep, you need to register. It’s easy. Just follow the directions and you will be on your way. Remember, Trek is just around the corner.

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TFT = Train For Trek

So we know that you have to train to be up to the physical task. Did you know that you will need to train spiritually?

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“I am thankful for you brothers and sisters that did not want to come that decided to come. It was the spirit that prompted you to do so. The angels in heaven are rejoicing in the testimonies that were shared in this meeting today. We each have handcarts to pull…Keep pulling.”