Who can go on Trek?

  1. Youth must turn 14 years old in 2019 to attend. If you won’t be, we will have to catch you on the next Trek. Seniors who will graduate this spring are welcome to attend Trek.
  2.  Those in the Thousand Oaks Stake boundaries pay $60 while those outside of the boundaries pays $110.
  3.  Each youth must submit an Ethics Code and Medical Permission forms to your ward leaders. 
  4. Adults must be assigned to go.
  5. No pregnant women can attend Trek without a written doctor’s consent. No babies or children are allowed on Trek.

Trek with Me.

You can invite your friends. You can email us with the person’s contact and we will get them more information. If you have talked to them and they want to go, just have them fill out a registration form.

What is the cost?

The price for members of the Thousand Oaks Stake is $60 while those outside our Stake pay $110. The fees are due when you hand in your registration. The Stake is supplementing half of the cost of Trek. Per the Church Handbook 13.5, Trek is an optional activity and therefore a modest fee can be charged to participants to defray the costs.

How long is a trek trail?

The trek trail at Riley’s farm is 15 miles. We will walk 7 miles the first day, 4 miles the second and third days. That’s it!


Can we have fires?

Open fires are not allowed on the ground, but the site provides fire barrels that can be used in July. Trekkers will need to bring their own wood and haul away the ashes when using the fire barrels. These rules are adjusted according to weather conditions and area fire restrictions.

What do we wear?

Check out our “what to bring” page for more information.

Do I need to prepare to go on Trek?

Some of the best spiritual preparation you can do is to work on Family History as well as your DUTY TO GOD and PERSONAL PROGRESS requirements. Some requirements will take longer than others, but there are several that can be fulfilled through the preparation for or on Trek.

You will be trekking on behalf of a pioneer. Visit the FAMILY HISTORY PREP page to see what is expected and for materials available to research the stories your pioneer.

Begin exercising and preparing physically for all the walking you will be doing. Visit PHYSICAL PREPARATION for other suggestions.

So, I have to go to the bathroom ...

The site has portable toilets fixed on a flatbed trailer that travels with the group.

What about water?

A 500-gallon tank of water is pulled on a trailer with the group. The ward or stake must provide the truck to pull this trailer. Individuals should bring their own water bottles, and trek groups should bring at least two five-gallon containers for each handcart. The “kitchen” will need its own containers.


What about trash?

Each handcart is required to have a large bag for trash. Trek groups are required to have a cleanup detail. At the end of the trek, the trash is placed in dumpsters at the site staging area.

Now What?

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