Trek Info

January 27th, 5pm – Kick Off Fireside

February 20th – T.O. Ward Pop-Up Night

February 26th – Arroyo Vista Ward Pop-Up Night

March 12th –Campus Canyon Pop-Up Night

April 3rd, 7pm –WP, TO, CC – Moorpark Rd. Bld. Who Wore What Pop-UpApril 19th, 7pm – Ma & Pa Dinner – Barnett’s House

April 23rd, 7pm – AV, WC, CC – Moorpark Rd. Bld. Who Wore What Pop-Up

April 24th – Wildwood Park Pop-Up Night

May 8th –Walnut Canyon Pop-Up NightMay 11th – Youth Temple Trip & Bracelet Workshop

May 14th, 7pm – AV, WC, CC – Benwood Building in Moorpark Bucket Brigade  Pop-Up

May 15th, 7pm – CC, WP, TO – Moorpark Rd. Bld. Bucket Brigade Pop-Up

May 22nd – Conejo Creek Ward Pop-Up Night

June 1st – Stake Hike

June 29th, 7:00 pm – Square Dance + Movie – Stake Center

July 10th – Bucket Drop Off

July 11th, 6:30 am – The Big Trek!

August 16th – Trek Celebration & Movie


Come join your friends!