Ma's & Pa's

Get to know your family

Ma Murray

I love the Lord, the gospel, my family, the temple, good food, the outdoors, serving, running, hiking, reading, being barefoot, and cheering for my family.  

Pa Murray

I grew up in Wyoming, 60 miles from Martin’s Cove. I love hiking with my family, backpacking, cooking over a fire, and sleeping under the stars. (Woody – Toy Story)

Ma Tingey

My kids call me Mother Teresa but you can call me Ma Teri. Anything outdoors; I’m there. Trek is going to be so much fun. 

Pa Tingey

If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride. Trek 2019!

Ma Wilson

You know the best part about Trek? I don’t have to cook! YeeHaw! Let’s have fun. 

Pa Wilson

Yep, we’re going to down in the gully to fetch a pail of water, then back up to dance, sing, and have a ball at TREK!

Ma Fenn

I can’t wait to be your Ma but you better be on your best behavior because I will have a camera. 

Pa Fenn

Howdy Partner. Treks gong to be a heap of fun. Hope to see Y’all there. 

Ma Freeman

Mother of 3, graduate of BYU and Utah State university, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant. Loves Disneyland, Lake Powell, the Beach, reading and my family!

Pa Freeman

Husband to Amy, Father of 3, former FBI, U of U graduate, Mexico City Missionary. Enjoy skiing, running, fly fishing, CrossFit and hanging out with the family!

Ma Rasmussen

I like to laugh, make music, snuggle my kids, bake cookies, make lists, serve in the church, and document my family’s life.

Pa Rasmussen

Both me and my horse want to go on Trek. Too bad Trigger, you need to stay home. Let’s go – TREK!

Ma Sutherland

Y’all ready to burn brighter testimonies and calories! Don’t worry my ladies we will rock this trek with our bonnets and braids!

Pa Sutherland

Now I told ya, you’re goin’ on Trek, and you’re goin’ to have a gooood time (you really will – can hardly wait).

Ma Baker

What a great opportunity for me to spend time with you on Trek so I can clean all of your teeth. You may smell after three days but your teeth won’t.

Pa Baker

I’m going to take you on a Trek all the way from Riley’s farm to Riley’s farm. It’s a long haul. Get ready.

Ma Snyder

“I loved my first Trek so much, I’m going AGAIN! So hold on to your hats and bonnets cuz Trek is THE BEST!”

Pa Snyder

“Holy Handcarts!  If I can do Trek, YOU can too! Are you up for the Trek challenge? Come and see!

Ma Greding

I’m pretty sure I’m super excited for Trek!  Pa said I can ride in the handcart so it should be great!

Pa Greding

Yee Haw! Get along little doggies. Ready for a round-up? We’re going to trek it like it’s never been treked before. Lets go!

Ma McGregor

In my spare time, I enjoy reading and wrestling bears. Oh, by the way, I can nap anywhere. Let’s go ride a bucking bronc.  

Pa McGregor

Howdy Partner. We are going to learn how to rope – even if its each other. Ever wanted to hog tie your friend? Now will be your chance.

Ma Mackay

 I can push hard. Let’s see if we can get the handcart to the end of Trek together!

Pa Mackay

So you think you are tough? I’ll show you tough! Let’s see what you’re made of. I’m just smiling because I know what is ahead of us (fun). On to TREK!

Come to TREK!