Pop-Up Ideas

Need Ideas?

Pop-Up Ideas

Here is a list of ideas that you can use for your ward’s Pop-up. Take a look below to see what would work for you. Remember, these classes may be modified to meet needs and are subject to the availability of resources. Refreshments should be provided for all pop-ups.

Smore Memorial:

Stories and Smores! Time to reflect and honor our ancestors while gathered around a Bon-fire. Family History instructors should be present to share thoughts and answer questions, so don’t forget to invite them. The host ward should provide a firepit location and everything to make smores (don’t forget the chocolate).  Get the kids to show up for the smores, but they will have a great evening listening to pioneer stories and learning about family history.

Who Wore What:

Do you have anything in your wardrobe that you could repurpose into Trek Fashion? You probably do. This pop-up can help the youth learn about pioneer clothing and how to replicate it for their trek. You can even have a fashion show and an Instagram photo booth. The host ward should provide two or more sewing machines for the activity while the youth should bring clothes they want to alter.

Bucket Brigade:

In this pop-up, the youth will decorate, personalize, and prepare buckets that they will take on the trek (carry their stuff and doubles as a chair). Each youth should come prepared with their 5-gallon bucket/lid, and any craft material that they want to use. The host ward leaders should also bring miscellaneous crafting materials just in case.

Pioneer Games:

Who doesn’t love games? The pioneers did. They didn’t have cell phones. This is an evening of fun and games which should be arranged to not only be fun but also and have a family history message. Replicate the games our pioneer ancestors played while on their trek.  Make sure to have a good location.

High Fitness:

We all have to get in shape, don’t we? This class helps build fitness and endurance so trek will be easy. Lots of dancing and loud music! Serve refreshments. Can be done outdoors or cultural hall.

How Many of me???

Family history search to finds names. Set up time with the specialists at the Moorpark Road Family History Center so they can be ready to assist you.

Passport Hike:

Preparation hike with designated stopping points to gain points and rest while learning about pioneer experiences. Can be done anywhere, especially a park or the hills.

Square Dancing:

Let’s all go dancing! Dance lessons with square dance caller! Learn how to square dance and have some fun. Refreshments provided.

Leather Bracelets:

Make a goal to have all trekkers wearing a trek inspired bracelet. The kids will emboss an ancestor’s name on the leather bracelet.  Youth will need to provide an ancestor or pioneer name that is relevant to them.

Come to TREK!